Moderna Trattoria Italiana


“la Cucina è figlia del tempo che vive“

During a moment of economical crisis of the city of Campione D’Italia a new proposal to valorize and relaunch the territory is born, thanks to the cooperation between two chefs : Bernard Fournier, Chef of the starred restaurant Da Candida and Luciano Tona starred Chef from Castelnovo, located in Brianza.
It is exactly inside the Grand Hotel Campione that the new gastronomic proposal with a strong Italian connotation named Conte Rossini the “Modern Italian Trattoria”, is set off.
An offer dedicated to the clients that will spend a special gastronomic moment tasting the Mediterranean flavors sitting by the lakeside of Lugano.
Conte Rossini The Modern Italian Trattoria is a place where the most authentical Italian style cuisine can be tasted; the history and the taste of every recipe is up to date to the needs of our time: the 24h offer underlines the values that made Italian gastronomy famous and appreciated in all over the world, from breakfast to dinner our proposal follows the weather and the natural rhythms of nature, reflects the season and uses top quality ingredients.
The originality of the combinations is left to the professional skills of the Resident chef Edoardo Savino, that has been collaborating with Bernard Fournier for a long time.
The menu proposal respects the taste of the Italian tradition, but is adjusted to the needs of every customer, standing out also with proposals dedicated to the relax moment offered by the SPA and its guests.

Bernard Fournier and Luciano Tona, starred chefs de cuisine since 1995 and friends from over 30 years, have shared the opening of a consulting company : Fourtune Ltd.
Among the various activities of this society a culinary project is developed and it is taking off right from Campione D’Italia, inside the 5 star hotel GH Campione. In November 2018 the restaurant Conte Rossini “The modern Italian Trattoria” opens its doors, with the aim of introducing a modern and Italian cuisine, both in the concepts and in the authenticity of the gastronomical proposal.
The figure at the head of the kitchen is Edoardo Savino born in Marche region and also member of the Fourtune Ltd. The gastronomical offer is varied, adjusted to the cycle of seasons and to the freshness of products: the drawing up and the simplicity that characterize the Italian gastronomy.
Not only do our proposals reflect different territories , but also have as source of inspiration the best recipes taken from enclaves with remarkable raw materials, well known in all over the world.
The subtitle “ Modern Italian Trattoria” doesn’t have to mislead the customers, because the dishes offered are the result of a process of research and evolution, that make the preparations extremely contemporary, with a specific attention on the originality of the traditional recipe.Our chefs offer a shared and accurate choice that take into account religious and cultural traditions of our guests , without forgetting new food intolerances .
The dinner experience at our restaurant gives you the possibility to have a deep breath into territorial uniqueness and a tasting of a high quality products prepared with meticulous care.

Come and visit us every day from 12.30 p.m to 22.00 p.m

Opening Time

07:00 – 10:30 
07:00 – 11:00 ( Saturday and Sunday ) 

12:30 – 22:30