The Campione D’Italia Team

Bernard Fournier

Bernard Fournier born in Lorraine, son of traders, begins the profession of cook in Alsace homeland of the foie gras, that soon becomes the symbol of his professionalism. Thanks to this he opens an activity with the Royal Fournier brand, that nowadays has surely become a niche product in Europe.
His professional path brings him from Alsace to Paris At the Hilton located in Orly, where he plays the role of gastronomic director of the restaurant “La Louisiane”.
In Italy Bernard Fournier begins with the opening of the restaurant named “Orso Grigio”, in Trento, homeland of his wife Adriana Berti.
After some years he took over the Ristorante Da Candida in Campione D’Italia, obtaining the star Michelin.
His resume is vary and rich and lead him to have skills and important recognitions on the culinary European stage. In fact he is Maitre Rotisseur , Lombardy Baillage, Conseiller Culinaire and Commandeur, and has also been Nation advisor and treasurer for Eurotoques.

Luciano Tona

Today Luciano Tona is consultant in the field of education in the branch of Hospitality and ristoration. He is a member of the Fourtune society, that has the aim to run F&B department in luxury hotels. The first management takes place at the GH Campione with Conte Rossini “ The modern Italian Trattoria”.
He is also director of Bocuse d’Or Italia.
Among some of the most interesting projects achieved in Italy and abroad we mention Porto Piccolo – Sistiana; Osteria Lucio – Dublin; Arabesque – Milan. He has also played the role of Director of Alma The international School of Italian Cuisine, that is based at The Ducal Palace of Colorno (province of Parma).
He has built and developed a training program that made the school the best of the country.
He is raised helping his parents with the management of the restaurant Fermata, located in Casatenovo; he is in love with the journeys that gave him the possibility to work in some of the greatest restaurants in Europe, as Guerard, Troigros, Bocuse and Bras. There he learned the fundamentals of international cuisine, refined his taste and drew up his choices.
This research brought him to the essence of simplicity. Roughness and grit do only in part reflect Luciano’s soul, it is refined and sharply ironic, just like the cuisine that characterized his restaurant Fermata * Michelin. Those who saw him at work in one of his lessons in Alma, have doubtless noticed that the “rough” appearance is in contrast between an unexpected lightness and delicacy manipulating raw material, the grace an vagueness moving and handling pans and pots in a watching and tender relationship with fire.
Great cuisine expert capable of vibrant dishes, often rich in creativity. His style has as main source of inspiration the acquaintance with Gualtiero Marchesi and gradually has been moulding and moving towards a polymorphic cuisine, a mix of instinct, tenacity, classicism and fusion contamination, rigor and subtle provocation.

Edoardo Savino

I was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, between pieces of land and the sand of the sea; where the kitchen of the sea and of the land do melt in a perfect syncretism.
My professional itinerary begins at Bernard’s Fournier maison, in the international contest of Campione d’Italia.
Together with him and Luciano Tona in 2018 a new concept in the field of ristoration is born : Conte Rossini, the will to convey Italian quality to a cosmopolitan audience.
Simplicity is a value in the Italian cuisine: raw material in the spotlight without tricks or masks. The power of a natural taste that will be etched in the memory, becoming a cross message to everyone.
Recipes do already exist, it’s up to the cook make them contemporary.